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Kambo, a world of frog medicine
For the world...

After participating in several Kambo treatments, I felt that the process is very accurate for me, directed and helps me in the processes I am going through (both physical and mental). As a yoga teacher in my training and in the past, as a person who wants to contribute to the community around him, I felt the need to share the knowledge and experience I gained and give the gifts of Kambo to others. I went to learn kambo submission in Pisac, in the hidden valley in Peru, from an old teacher, with traditional knowledge and many years of experience. Since I returned, I serve and treat in a traditional way while incorporating current insights.

​As a Kambo therapist I meet with people who are considering doing Kambo therapy and are looking for more information. I was aware of the lack of information available on the Hebrew web, for Kambo treatments. This website is designed to give comprehensive information about Kambo, the frog medicine. Effects, methods, information, treatments, chemistry, history, photographic documentation and more..

The information on the site is intended to allow those who are considering the possibility of performing a combo treatment, to receive the most information for the purpose of making the decision.

I find that the Kambo treatments help the patients to clean the body, quieten and calm the noise of the mind in them, correct themselves, release blockages and stuck processes.

I am happy to share the information and impressions in hopes of spreading frog medicine and helping people as much as possible.


Aho, Nir

General information



Vittorio Erspemer described the species Filumosa, the kambo frog, as a "treasure bloom" of bioactive peptides, short chains of amino acids that bind ...



Safety and toxicity

Little is known about the long-term safety of the Kambo. Evidence suggests that deltorphine and dermomorphine may cause respiratory depression and lead to high dependence with frequent use.



Kambo is supposedly named after the legendary pajé (or medicine man) Kampu. It is said that this ancient shaman learned about the medicine from a forest spirit, after Mitzva...



Common questions

Can kambo cause psychological trauma?

The unpleasant effects of the cambo can feel endless to those who experience them. can also be...


General information

Kambo, also known as frog medicine, is the poisonous excrement of Phyllomedusa bicolor (the giant leaf frog or monkey frog), a bright green colored tree frog native to the Amazon basin......



Personal Growth

Kambo is a deep transformation tool. Kambo medicine is known to increase compassion, courage, emotional stability and personal sovereignty. Some users feel more "real" or "solid" after applying the combo....


Therapeutic uses

One of the most fascinating potential medical applications of kambo is in the treatment of cancer. Dermceptin B2 has been shown to inhibit the growth of cancer cells (human prostate adenocarcinoma) by more than 90%. This peptide penetrates cells...




Kambo is legal in the United States and most, if not all, other countries. It seems that the only limitation is the ban of the Brazilian government from 2004 on the commercialization of kambo....

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